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re: Negative tropes, avoiding them, and why “it’s just one character” isn’t acceptable anymore

In my last post I touched on toxicity in tropes and how writers are being held more accountable for awareness of these tropes. I specifically mentioned one known as “sacrificial negro” but there’s so many out there, and most are negative toward non-white characters.  Writingwithcolor.tumblr.com is a source I have in tabs almost constantly when […]

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re: Cancel Culture in the Lit World

Onto related subject two: cancel culture in the (twitter) literary world.  Let’s get one thing out there first: “cancel culture” is ridiculous. That said, acknowledging bad representation is not ridiculous. And twitter seems to have a veeeeeeery fine line between the two, so much so that it’s basically unrecognizable.  I’ve recently(ish) been made aware of […]

Big changes on the horizon

My Writors! It’s been so long since I’ve seen you, mea culpa. So much has happened in the last… 4 months ( omgoodness 4 months already? Where does time go?) Finished my novel ‘Identity’ Went to TwitchCon to promote my Twitch stream WritorWrong Came home and made huge life decisions with the hubby Visited fam […]

Author Week Short Story #1 – C. Dickens

SEE MY WEEK WRITING AS CHALRES DICKENS AT Preface Franklin and Sarah MacDonald, neé Sarah Schumer, once had a daughter filled with life and love and adventure. A tall girl with soft, rounded edges that longed for adventure beyond her little town on the edge of the sea. Sarah spent hours brushing the soft, dark […]

September 2019 Announcements

Here’s a breakdown of my busy September month. Read more to learn about my travel plans, book club, and TwitchCon!