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 Kate is elitist, mean, and thinks herself above most high schools simply because she’s always buried in her schoolbooks. A popular jock with whom she got stuck with for a physics project is exactly the opposite of who she imagined herself dating. Yet that’s what she finds happening as Rylan slowly starts to grow on her, despite his many downfalls, first and foremost being the (now) ex-girlfriend he neglected to mention he was still dating when he and Kate first kissed.

She has plans, big plans for her future, and she refuses to abandon them to become just another girl stuck in her same boring hometown with the last boy she happened to be dating in high school, even though being with Rylan makes her wonder if that’s not the worst thing ever.

Simultaneously unable to just leave him and unable to stop sabotaging her own relationship, Kate seems to be the biggest obstacle in her own happily ever after. Meanwhile Rylan, used to other girls- dramatic girls, flirtatious girl, easy girls that weren’t nearly as sexy as they thought they were in too-tight shirts and too-short skirts- feels more like he’s befriending a wild cat than romancing a high schooler, but there’s something about her that he can’t stay away from.

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