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Big changes on the horizon

My Writors! It’s been so long since I’ve seen you, mea culpa.

So much has happened in the last… 4 months ( omgoodness 4 months already? Where does time go?)

  • Finished my novel ‘Identity’
  • Went to TwitchCon to promote my Twitch stream WritorWrong
  • Came home and made huge life decisions with the hubby
  • Visited fam to finalize these decisions
  • Applied to go back to school !!
  • Started shopping for realtors to put our house on the market !!!
  • Spent waaaaaaay too long cleaning up the house and getting rid of furniture
  • Somewhere in there we celebrated christmas and new years
  • Started school (for paralegal studies ^_^ ) !!!!
  • Started not one but TWO new novels !!!!! ( fantasy and sci-fi, respectively )
  • Got the house cleaned/polished/fixed up/staged

    And now *drumroll pleeeeeeeease* our house is about to be listed and then

So yes, many things have been going on behind the scenes. And while a lot of my extracurriculars are on pause at the moment ( youtube and twitch specifically ), once we get out of this house and moved and I have my filming equipment back, I’ll be trying to come back with a vengeance.

I’ve got big plans for both my youtube channel and my twitch stream, and both will heavily feature writing and specifically the writing process. I’ll be inviting you to join me as I work through the different milestones of being a writer, both live on twitch and in a more condensed version on youtube.

While we’re in moving-limbo, I’ll be trying to update this blog more frequently, keeping you up to date on the selling process, the moving-with-three-big-dogs process, and the progress of my newest stories! So stay tuned, and if you feel like engaging with me or want to see small-but-frequent updates about my writing, follow me over on Twitter!

Later Writors! <3

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