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Rejection and never giving up

Reject. The most despised word in the writer’s vocabulary and yet one we all hear far too often. Let’s face it, there’s no easy way to take rejections; that pill is always going to be a bitter one. Hopefully you won’t have to deal with too much rejection, but it almost certainly is going to […]

Roleplaying as a writer: how addictive can a hobby be?

In addition to being a professional novelist, I am an avid roleplayer, and while I love both for the same reasons (exploring new worlds, new identities, new viewpoints), I also love them both for very different reasons. Online roleplaying is arguably easier, technically speaking, than fiction writing. The simple reason being that the plot, the […]

Why it’s hard finding time to write- even if you’re a full time writer!

I find that it’s sometimes hard to explain to people why I need to carve out time for writing. That unless you’re a professional that has made a lot of money or garnered a lot of attention people tend to think of writing- even subconsciously- as more of a hobby, something you can jump in […]